Home Specialty Lighting Installation in New Haven and Fairfield Counties


Illuminate your home with the finest specialty lighting solutions from PowerPlus Electric, serving New Haven and Fairfield Counties. Whether you’re looking to install recessed lights, accent and track lighting, sophisticated outdoor lighting, or specialized lighting for cabinets and entertainment spaces, our skilled team is here to brighten your home with style and precision.

Why Invest in Specialty Lighting for Your Home?

Specialty lighting is not just about illumination; it’s about transforming your living space to enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our custom lighting solutions cater to every need, whether highlighting architectural features, improving task lighting, or creating the right ambience for relaxation and entertainment.

Comprehensive Lighting Services We Offer:

  • Recessed Lighting: Perfect for adding depth and warmth to any room without the clutter of visible fixtures.
  • Accent and Track Lighting: Ideal for drawing attention to artworks, bookcases, and other focal points.
  • Outdoor Lighting: From security lighting to landscape highlights, enhance the safety and beauty of your exterior spaces.
  • Inside Cabinet and Under Cabinet Lighting: Improve functionality and add a touch of elegance to your kitchen or display cabinets.
  • Home Theater or Media Room Lighting: Create the perfect viewing environment with customizable lighting options that can adjust to the mood of any media you enjoy.

Benefits of Professional Lighting Installation:

  • Customization: Tailored designs that fit your home’s unique contours and style.
  • Energy Efficiency: Use of the latest in LED technology to minimize energy consumption while maximizing light output.
  • Functionality: Lighting solutions that enhance usability, from cooking in the kitchen to working in a home office.
  • Value Addition: Increase your home’s resale value with modern lighting upgrades.

Choosing the Right Lighting Solutions:

At PowerPlus Electric, we take the time to understand your vision and functional needs before recommending the best lighting options. Our consultation process ensures that every aspect of your lighting installation is planned perfectly to match your expectations.

Installation Process:

  1. Initial Consultation: Discuss your specific lighting needs with our team at 203-747-5335.
  2. Custom Planning: We design a lighting plan that captures your vision and meets practical requirements.
  3. Expert Installation: Our certified electricians execute the installation precisely, ensuring all fixtures are perfectly placed and fully functional.
  4. Final Adjustments and Review: We fine-tune your lighting setup and walk you through the new system to ensure complete satisfaction.

Why Choose PowerPlus Electric?

Choose PowerPlus Electric for our dedication to quality, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Serving New Haven and Fairfield Counties, we are your local experts in home specialty lighting, ready to transform your home with beautiful, efficient lighting solutions.

Ready to light up your home with custom specialty lighting? Call PowerPlus Electric at 203-747-5335 today to schedule your installation in New Haven and Fairfield Counties. Discover how the right lighting can change your home!

PowerPlus Electric is dedicated to illuminating your home with the highest quality specialty lighting installations. With our expert services in New Haven and Fairfield Counties, you can enjoy a beautifully lit home that combines style and functionality. Contact us today to begin your home’s transformation.